Summer at WUD

From Typography to Embroideries, Products to Projects, Art to Architecture and Fashion to Animation – you can be sure to find your creative course here at WUD.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, a student or a teacher, a housewife or a highschool student, on a summer course you will meet students from WUD as also visiting and international students from around the world; and find yourself learning alongside like-minded people in an enjoyable, supportive and professional environment.

Our courses are ideal if you are:

  1. Exploring your creative skills in a favorite discipline
  2. Enhancing your career in teaching or practice
  3. Building a portfolio for college admission
  4. Wishing to develop a specialist skill to support other studies
  5. Training others and looking for new approaches to content and delivery
  6. Searching for interventions to help develop an expertise.

Join Summer Program

WUD Summer Program welcomes international students, students & people from Delhi NCR and rest of India.

The courses range from intensive 2-week-long courses to 6-week classes and studio activities will be supported by manageable projects. Classes are scheduled between June 6 and July 15 at WUD Campus. Classes can take place through the week and sometimes over the weekend. You will have access to the resources of the university. Class sizes are limited so do book soon!

We look forward to welcoming you to WUD.

How to Apply

To participate in WUD Summer Program, apply online here. You can register for multiple courses. You will be able to earn credits and get a transcript. You will also get a certificate. If you are a faculty, you will get a faculty development certificate.

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Courses Offered

Choose from a wide gamut of creative courses from Visual Arts, Fashion, Design, Architecture, Design Management and Communication Design. Courses are offered over two to six week intensive sessions. All courses are credit carrying regular university courses and will be recorded on an official WUD transcript. Additionally you will receive a certificate of successful completion.

While completion of summer courses does result in a WUD transcript, participating in this education program does not in itself provide preference in admission to the World University of Design.

Course Details

SA201 History of Indo Islamic and Mughal Architecture 3 Weeks 3 June 6 - June 24
SA202 Architecture Inspired Design 3 Weeks 3 June 27 - July 15
SA203 Architecture Design: Primodial Waters 3 Weeks 4 June 6 - June 24
SA204 Climate Responsive Design of Buildings for the Tropics 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 24
SA205 Architecture Design in A Rural Community Context 2 Weeks 6 June 20 - July 1
SA101 Institutional Planting Design 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 17
SF201 Pattern Making & Construction of Traditional Indian Costumes 4 Weeks 4 June 20 - July 15
SF301 Designing Fashion Products Using Indian Textiles And Embroideries 4 Weeks 5 June 22 - July 17
SF311 Virtual Garment Design (Clo 3D) 2 Weeks 4 June 20 - July 02
SF202 Traditional Block Printing with Natural Dyes 2 Weeks 4 July 4 - July 15
SF101 Traditional Indian Embroideries of Chikankari, Kantha, Zardozi, Sequin & Bead Embroidery 2 Weeks 2 June 20 - July 1
SF102 Millinery Design 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 17
SF303 Digital Cataloguing in the Age of New Media Productions 4 Weeks 4 June 04 - July 15
SD201 Responsible Furniture Design (RFD) 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 17
SD202 Modular Bamboo Kiosk (MBK) 2 Weeks 2 June 20 - July 1
SD204 Mobility Solutions for Differently Abled 3 Weeks 3 June 6 - June 24
SD101 Introduction to 3D Product Making 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 17
SD205 Indian Craft Based Toy Design (Wood) 3 Weeks 4 June 27 - July 15
SD102 Introduction to Visual Merchandising 2 Weeks 2 July 4 - July 15
SD103 Artificial Intelligence Boot Camp (Advance Grade) 1 Week 1 June 6 - June 10
SD104 Photography & Storytelling Immersion in Himalayan Spiti Valley 3 Week 3 June 5 - June 25
SD105 A Cultural Immersion, Photography & Storytelling in Ladakh 2 Week 2 July 4 - July 18
SV201 Introduction to Miniature Painting 6 Weeks 6 June 6 - July 15
SV101 Art & Technique of Traditional Mask Making 2 Weeks 2 June 6 - June 17
SV102 Traditional Wall Mural Art (Jaipur Fresco) 3 Weeks 3 June 6 - July 15
SC201 Design of Advertising Campaign in Social Context 2 Weeks 2 June 27 - July 8
SC202 Weapon Design for 3D Gaming 4 Weeks 4 June 20 - June 15
SC203 3D Environment Making for Game Design 4 Weeks 4 June 20 - July 15
SC204 Concept Art:Characters/Creatures for Game Design 4 Weeks 4 June 20 - July 15
SC111 Indian Street Typography 2 Weeks 2 July 6 - July 17
SC101 Grid Based Composition & Layout Design 2 Weeks 2 June 20 - July 1
SC301 Design of Visual Identity in a Cultural Context 2 Weeks 2 July 04 - July 15
SM201 Creative Entrepreneurship 4 Weeks 4 June 06 - July 02
SM202 Innovation Capacity Building 4 Weeks 4 June 06 - July 02
SP101 Foundation Course in Kathak 3 Weeks 3 June 6 - July 24
SP102 Art of Storytelling through Hasta Mudras & Navras 3 Weeks 3 June 27 - July 15

To know further details about each course

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Level of Courses

Each WUD course listing includes a number that indicates whether a course is foundation, intermediate or professional level. Use the recommendations in the chart below to determine the level of your course.

Course Numbering Chart


Aimed at students of class 11/12th / those who appeared for XII Board exams / and those who have completed a year in college.


Aimed at students who have completed at least two or more years of college work in one of the creative streams.


Aimed at students who are in the final year of graduation or pursuing post graduation; or are aspiring teachers.

Duration & Fees

Learning is time and money. Time spent learning, designing, and creating is time well-spent.

  • What are the Units of Credit?

    A normal semester at WUD is a 16-week semester. During the semester, one credit unit represents 1.5 hours of work per week by the student, including both class attendance and preparation. Evaluation sessions are not counted in credit hours. 1 WUD credit = 1 ECTS = 0.5 US Credits.
    For the Summer semester the same amount of work gets distributed over 2 to 6 weeks. To estimate the amount of work for summer courses, refer to the chart below:

    To estimate the amount of work for summer courses, refer to the chart below

    Estimating Total Number of Required Hours of Student Work Per Week
    WUD Credit Units Hours/week (6-week course) Hours/week (4-week course) Total Work Hours
    1 4 6 24
    2 8 12 48

    You can opt for multiple courses. WUD recommends a maximum of 6 units over the 6-week long Summer Program.

  • What are the Fees and other costs?

    This chart gives the various components of tuition and other fees for a visiting student. You can estimate your fee based on the number of credit units you have opted for.

    Sample Tuition and Fee Heads Foreign Students
    (in Indian Rupees)
    Domestic Students
    (in Indian Rupees)
    Course Tuition Fee per Unit* 21,000 per unit 15,000 per unit
    Registration Fees 3,500 3,500
    International Service Fee 7,500
    Hostel Fee
    (Shared Accommodation + All Meals)
    1,000 per day 1,000 per day

    *applies to all except SD103. The fee for SD103 will be indicated later.

    Summer tuition and fees must be paid in full within seven calendar days after enrollment.

    This chart does not reflect costs for stationary, books, art supplies, travel and incidentals. Expenses vary with the length of stay and all fees are subject to change.

Broad Guidelines

English Proficiency Requirement

All classes are delivered in English. As a guide you should have an IELTS score of 4.5 or above for practical courses and 6.0 for lecture-based courses.

Visa and Immigration

If you do not hold an Indian passport you must check with the Indian consulate regarding visas before you make your booking. WUD Summer office will issue an invitation letter on confirmation of enrollment.

Health Insurance

Medical care in India can be expensive. Health insurance coverage is required to meet these unexpected expenses. You should purchase a health insurance policy before you arrive in India. This policy should cover all medical and hospital costs, or provide you with a minimum accident or illness cover from the time you leave your current residence to the day you plan to return.


If you wish to cancel your place you must put your request in writing at least 30 days prior to start of course. After that there will be no refund though you can get a transfer to another course starting at a different date. You can also nominate someone else to attend on your behalf.

A Tradition of Excellence

World University of Design was established by the Haryana Private Universities Act, 2006 with the right to confer degrees under Section 2(f) and 22(I) of the UGC Act. WUD offers cutting edge, trans-disciplinary programs in the creative domains of Fashion, Design, Communication, Art, Architecture, Media, Management and Humanities. It is renowned for excellence of its faculty and students, the scope of its research and publications and the excellence of its laboratory and educational facilities.


WUD academic programs are recognized for their excellence. You can expect a rigorous academic experience during your summer studies. The accelerated instructions of Summer Program mean that you will learn a semester's worth of material in just one summer. WUD courses are known for an engaged learning style where you interact frequently with the instructor and other students. With continuous assessment, you are evaluated over the duration of the course through work such as quizzes, exams, lab assignments, papers, attendance, and class participation.

Enjoy summer in the vibrant Delhi NCR Area-one of the most beautiful and vibrant destination in the world—known for its diversity, food, technology, arts and nature! Campus is located just an hour away from the city-center and most local attractions, including national and water parks, museums, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Things to Do

See the sights. Walk across Central Park CP, stroll down streets, ride Auto rickshaws, visit India gate, Red Fort, Lotus Temple and take a tour to National Museum and Zoological Park. Eat delicious food. Delhi Area is a food lover's paradise, with fine local restaurants, farmer's markets, and a thriving food truck scene. Celebrate with the locals. Enjoy music, art, and cultural events. Visit a museum. Experience some of the best art, natural history, culture, and science museums. Get outdoors. Delhi Area has some of the most beautiful places to visit, including National Rail Museum, Atlantic Water World Water Park, Artistic cafes and more.

Weekends offer a huge range of destinations, from historical places to riverside, mountains, treks, wildlife sanctuaries etc.

Campus housing (hostel) is available (inclusive of meals) for your time at WUD Summer Program and is compulsory for International students. University Housing provides convenience, safety, and success that you won't find off-campus. Residence units include twin-shared air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms. Single rooms are also available at an additional 45% cost. All locations are semi-furnished and equipped with wireless internet.


  • Do I need a portfolio to do a summer course?

    You do not need to be interviewed or show a portfolio to attend a summer course. The course description will describe who the course is aimed at. Some will be for professionals, some for beginners and some will be open to a mixture of abilities. By reading the different course descriptions you can deduce the level.

  • Who can attend a course?

    Anyone can enrol so long as they are aged 16 or over. Only foundation courses are available for people aged 16-18. These courses are great for building a portfolio and experiencing Art and Design school for the first time.

  • Does WUD offer accommodation for summer course students?

    Yes we offer air-conditioned Wi-Fi accommodation with meals.

  • Where do the courses take place?

    The courses take place in the same studios and workshops that our full-time students use in WUD's Sonipat campus.

  • What do I bring with me?

    The course description will give you an indication of what you need to bring with you on the first day of your course, and what you might need as the course progresses. Specific materials, stationery etc will also be available in WUD stationery shop.

  • When should I book?

    Our classes are limited in size, so to avoid disappointment we suggest you book early - at least one month before the course starts. However, we take bookings up until the day the course starts so long as there is space.

  • How much do the courses cost?

    The credit units and unit cost of each course is fixed. The fee is the same for everyone who attends regardless of age or employment status.

  • Are there any discounts?

    There are no discounts or help with fees for creative summer courses.

  • Do I get a qualification from completing a summer course?

    No, but you will get a certificate of completion if you attend 80% or more of a course. If you complete the course and get a grade, you can also get a transcript of the credits earned.

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