B.Arch - Architecture

Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings in their sociological, technical and environmental contexts. There is increasing recognition of architecture as one of the top intellectual disciplines, an art form, and a technical profession intimately linked with the single largest sector of investment in the economy.

Bachelor of Architecture program aims at attaining a high level of contextual excellence in architectural design. It equips students with the competencies necessary for being effective professional architects and exposes them to the aesthetic, technical, social, political and ethical dimensions of the built environment. The first year of this program is considered to be the ‘foundation year’. Here the focus is on developing basic architectural design skills. The following two years focus on the development of core competencies for architectural design. The fourth and fifth years generally termed as advanced explorations allows students to focus on areas and practice domains of their choice. During the fourth year, students’ intern for one semester with approved architectural offices anywhere in the world. During the tenth semester, students undertake individual capstone projects.

The program is centered on ‘contextual studio exercises’ where students resolve life-like design problems on their own. Studios operate as learning communities where there are study trips and teachers take on the role of coaches supporting students in their learning quests. In studios students develop capacities and come up with technically and architecturally meaningful designs to communicate their ideas. Courses, seminars, and workshops run parallel to studios, exposing students to technology, history, architectural theory and various other dimensions of architecture.

Careers: Professional architects can build careers as independently practicing architects, as architects working within architectural firms, as academics focused on teaching and research, or within non-governmental organizations. Besides practicing as a professional Architect, graduates also find employment as Building surveyors, Historical buildings inspectors, conservation officers, Landscape architects, Production designer, Structural engineers etc. Many architects pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies where one can focus on fields such as architectural conservation or urban design or shift to allied professions such as urban planning or construction management. Since the BArch program of WUD is recognized internationally, a number of our students are accepted for advanced studies in the finest universities abroad.

B.Arch - Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum

Built Environment and Habitat Studies (3-Year)

Built Environment and Habitat Studies is concerned with providing a liberal understanding of spatial designing within the context of a built environment. Studying and assessing the Impacts of a built environment on human and other animate beings in that surroundings is what, that will make us design better and design for future. Subjects in design, history, science, human behavior, sustainability, sociology, digital production and communication methods come together in the analysis and production of a built form which can be celebrated through the ages. This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to ultimately find a niche in the planning of a successful built environment system & profession, and to be a future leader in the design of the built environment. The course covers a range of subjects that are of relevance to the professional disciplines’ that students may wish to follow in following years, also allowing them a high degree of choice, so that their studies can be better tailored according to their aptitudes and ambitions. The program is intended to be multi-disciplinary and aims to give better opportunities for future studies leading towards a well-planned future. The course introduces a wide range of relevant disciplines including study of human settlements, universal design, sociology, sustainability, spatial planning, art & culture, behavioral science and environmental studies.

Careers: Architectural assistant, Built environment designer (in areas such as heritage), Policymaker, Architectural/Built Environment journalist, researcher or educator, BIM modeler, Architectural renderer, Project manager, Consultants, Sociologists, Museum Curator.

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