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Visual Arts represent wide-ranging areas of artistic practices in which Creative painting, environmental art and technology based arts are being given primary importance. The School of Visual Arts is a space where practices traditional and non-traditional methods of art making are nurtured and developed within conceptually and methodologically strong structures.

In SVA we believe in mentorship with a constant push towards experimentation and innovation. Specializations in specific branches and cross disciplinary studies are the distinctive nature of our courses. The graduate and post-graduate courses at SVA are designed to combine conceptual and skill- based learning aimed at creating professional possibilities in experimental and research-based practices, to produce Artists, Historians, and Curators for the future.


School of Visual Arts has been conceived as a learning center of multiple practices in contemporary art. Students of the PG Course in Visual Arts also have the choice of focusing on Creative Painting or Art and Environment in which technology based art is also an integral part of the program. Though the UG program of creative painting lay importance to the classical methods of studio practices, specific importance has been given to new /multimedia practices. This is conceived with the intention that students should not be left out from the institution without classical and technological practice.


28 Jun 2019

The School of Visual Arts at World University of Design announces its 2nd artist in residency program The residency will take place in the period of September October 2019...

3 Dec 2018
14 Feb 2018

Inauguration of Clay Art studio was on 14 th February and continued till 23 rd February 2018 which was headed by Rajveerji a local potter from a nearby village. During this course we learnt 3 different methods: pinching coiling and wheel work. Pottery course took 10 days to finish. In the last 3-4 days gheru was applied over the finished works and then they were put to fire and after a day or so the fire settled and we could finally have our finished products displayed.

11 Feb 2018

The next day we visited India Art Fair organised at NSIC Grounds Okhla New Delhi which offers curated insights into the fast developing local art scene and is the leading platform to develop modern and contemporary art from South Asia and a portal to the region cultural landscape. We as audience got to know the wide spectrum of artistic practices and relished looking at the art work there.

10 Feb 2018

We went to Kala Mela 2018 which was the 1 st such event organised by Lalit Kala Academy inaugurated by the vice president of India Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu in New Delhi on 3 rd February 2018. More than 800 artists from all over the world took part in the festival. Our university also took part in the event.We visited the fair for 3-4 days and were asked to document the work of the artist of our own choice. We also participated in the painting competition organised by Lalit Kala at the event.

8 Feb 2018

Visit to suraj kundmela 2018 – surajkund is an annual fest that takes place in Faridabad Haryana . It is one the most popular and largest fairs in the world . Both National and international skilled craftsmen take part to showcase their talent .In 1987 the first surajkundmela was organised and became one of the most popular tourists site of haryana.This year it was organised for 17 days i.e. 2 nd to 18 th feb. We visited on 8 th February to experience the fair. we also interacted with some of the craftsmen and got to know about crafts traditions. We as Visual students got to know about various craft traditions from around the world and how can we include those crafts in our contemporary art practices.

24 Nov 2017

On the 2 nd day we started our day from Delhi College of Art Tilak Marg New Delhi where we visited their studios and we got to know what surroundings the student’s work in and how the student utilise the place they have been provided by making installations public art etc. After that we visited Triveni Kala Sangam where we witnessed how K.G.Subramanyan works with diverse media and materials. He does not use icons as mythical characters or figures and most of his mural works are not decorative unlike other murals in India. Then we were in India Habitat Centre which is a multipurpose building in New Delhi where we saw different artists adopting different media commercially in the social space they were provided. Then for a short break we went to New Friends Colony and after our lunch we visited Gallery Escape where Samit Das works were displayed. We observed that the artist creates multiple layers and remarkable forms using urban architecture as his point of reference. He also interesting textures in his works some tactile while others are only visual. Then we winded up our day at NIV which is situated in Southern Outer edge of New Delhi where we got to know that it is an organisation which is focused on facilitating the fundamental necessities for advancement of cultural art practice.

1 Nov 2017

On our first visit we went to Sudhir Patwardhan show at Vadehra Art Gallery Defence Colony New Delhi. His work was based on the city-scapes and reflects the lifestyle of urban middle class and drew their immediacy from the memories of the city. The works that we adored the most were his self –portraits and the paintings in which he showed his day-to- day life. After that we headed towards Saba Hasan show at Alliance Franciase Lodhi Estate, New Delhi . There we saw that she experiments with different kinds of mediums such as charcoal wax abstract photographs voice and video works. Her work reveals the forces of time, nature and personal histories in a vigorous expression. We even had a talk with her about her experiences with each medium she works with. Then we ended our day in Lalit Kala Academy where we saw interesting sculptures made from different food items and portraits on ceramic plates with acrylic and abstract photographs. So through this visit we got to know it is an autonomous organisation established by government of India to promote and propagate understanding of Indian art in and outside the nation.

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