High School Interface

While providing a programme of creative courses in higher education, it is our endeavour to reach out to young school students for initiating an awareness of art, design and creative careers amongst the youth. We are looking for the support of aware and inspired educationists in this effort.

We visit schools to first explain the concept and discuss in detail the programme. We then organise various sessions and workshops like paper modelling, clay modelling, stencil art, photography workshop etc to initiate the creative learning process in young minds.

We would be happy to provide opportunity to your students & teacher in-charge to participate in these workshops.
The sessions are divided into two parts.

G.U.I.D.E.: Getting U Inspired For Design Education

A creative career is not perceived to be as successful as compared to other fields of career. Having yet to achieve its rightful position in popularity, design as a profession needs to be promoted in its true sense. As the name suggests, these sessions provide an overview of design as a career option and discuss several examples of innovative products and services. The sessions are interactive and hope to answer any queries the students may have in this area.

A.C.T.: Activate Creative Thinking

As the famous phrase goes “Design is doing” there is a lot of action inbuilt into the making of a designer. ACT are workshops designed in small doses where the creative faculty gives a small brief to the participants to explore the creative talent in them. These sessions allow the faculty to observe and make suggestions aimed at helping the participants realise their latent creativity.

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