There has been sea change in system of higher education during the last one decade. New fields of studies have been introduced while industry and business people are showing great deal of interest in higher education. Several self financing institutions of higher education including universities under Private Universities Act have been set up. Yet, keeping in view the growth of young population in India, the demand for higher education is likely to grow. Among the new fields of studies, Management Education, Science, Commerce, Humanities, Engineering and Technology had their run. Certain fields of studies like art and design existed since long yet they could not expand for want of demand for employment in production and distribution of goods and services. With media gaining importance and communication becoming an important source of reaching out to people, quality of goods and service has acquired greater space in the minds of people and market. Quality of goods and services is often measured in terms of aesthetics, functionality and marketability. Hence there has been a focus on training people in the fields of art and design, which significantly add value to goods and services. Therefore Design education has emerged as an important field of study.

In a globally competitive world, it is the quality of design education and research which makes a difference to the quality of goods and services produced in the nation states. There are a few institutions which have been catering to this field of knowledge and practice. A large number of young people need to be trained in the design education so that they can add value to quality of goods and services produced in India. As India wants to project itself as a strong nation to produce and market its own goods and services globally, the international quality of design education becomes a key aspect.

OP Bansal Educational and Social Welfare Trust has contributed to nation building by providing quality engineering, management and architecture education to the youth in the country, They are now venturing into the field of design education by setting up a new campus at Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat.

We welcome all those who have passion for design, to join the World University of Design and contribute to the national effort to make India globally competitive through education and research in design.

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