6 Sep 2019

An activity in Entrepreneurship and branding was conducted as a part of the Fashion marketing & management course for 6th-semester Fashion Design students by the School of Management.

20 Nov 2019

Design Thinking is the essential ability to combine empathy, creativity, and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success. With an aim to encourage students to practice design thinking mindsets

22 Oct 2019
9 Apr 2019

Entrepreneurial culture is growing in India. To cultivate this spirit among the youth early, World University of Design (WUD) organized the first edition of National Level Business Plan Competition 2019 in association with Startup India

18 Nov 2019

World University of Design, School of Visual Arts seeks to identify the potential in students who can be the future Artists. This contest will be the prime platform for the students to explore in the creative fields such as Visual Arts, Architecture, Graphic Communication, Product Design, Transportation Design, Film, Animation, Art Education and any field where the creative engagement is required.

17 Nov 2019

Entrepreneurial culture is growing in India. To cultivate this spirit among the youth early, World University of Design (WUD) is organizing the PRODIGY - National Business Plan Competition 2019 in association with Startup India.

28 Jun 2019
28 Jun 2019

The School of Visual Arts at World University of Design announces its 2nd artist in residency program The residency will take place in the period of September October 2019...

9 Apr 2019

Fashion weeks provide a so far unmatched exposure and confidence to young designers That is why participation of our fashion students in Delhi Times Fashion Week was so important It got special when Gupta Miss India and Miss Universe Finalist wore the garments and got featured on Page 3 of Delhi Times The Work in progress collection itself got rave reviews from the professionals What more can one ask for.

30 Apr 2019

Jury season at WUD. Architecture students being grilled by Siddharth Talwar of Lotus Design.

15 Feb 2019

World University of Design is proud to announce its two-day Inter-College Annual Cultural Festival - “Cult 2019” to be held at our Campus. The festival will be a high profile event which would attract students from colleges in and around Delhi NCR & other states to compete on a big scale and showcase their talent. The festival is expected to be attended by almost 1800-2000 students. The festival is a forum for young minds to interact, share and discuss the latest happenings in the field of Design, Arts & Architecture and an opportunity for the youth to exhibit their talent by unleashing their potential.

17 Dec 2018

Open House (2018) for Design/ Art/ Architecture & Design Management Aspirants from Dec 17th to Dec 21st at 10:30 am – 3:30 pm. A typical open house event includes:
• Exhibition of students work;
• Interactions with deans & faculty members;
• Opportunities to talk with current students;
• Campus tour;
• Understand admission process & scholarships schemes;
• Career guidance for design/ art/ architecture & design management aspirants

Feel free to bring your portfolio for review from senior faculties
To Register for Open House
T: 7056770065

3 Dec 2018
21 Sep 2018

As part of Global Goals Jam initiative of The Digital Society School, Amsterdam University of Applied sciences with UNDP, World University of Design is organizing the second exclusive workshop at its campus, aimed at achieving UNDPs sustainable goal #3 – Good Health & Well Being. GJJ is an international platform for inclusive learning where people from all around the world who contribute to the 17 global goals for sustainable development share their stories and talk about their projects and vision for the future. GGJ Delhi 2.0 provided an opportunity wherein human minds from various sectors can ideate & work together with industry experts, gain valuable insights and shape their ideas better to create a better future for mankind.

14 Feb 2018

Inauguration of Clay Art studio was on 14 th February and continued till 23 rd February 2018 which was headed by Rajveerji a local potter from a nearby village. During this course we learnt 3 different methods: pinching coiling and wheel work. Pottery course took 10 days to finish. In the last 3-4 days gheru was applied over the finished works and then they were put to fire and after a day or so the fire settled and we could finally have our finished products displayed.

11 Feb 2018

The next day we visited India Art Fair organised at NSIC Grounds Okhla New Delhi which offers curated insights into the fast developing local art scene and is the leading platform to develop modern and contemporary art from South Asia and a portal to the region cultural landscape. We as audience got to know the wide spectrum of artistic practices and relished looking at the art work there.

10 Feb 2018

We went to Kala Mela 2018 which was the 1 st such event organised by Lalit Kala Academy inaugurated by the vice president of India Sri M. Venkaiah Naidu in New Delhi on 3 rd February 2018. More than 800 artists from all over the world took part in the festival. Our university also took part in the event.We visited the fair for 3-4 days and were asked to document the work of the artist of our own choice. We also participated in the painting competition organised by Lalit Kala at the event.

8 Feb 2018

Visit to suraj kundmela 2018 – surajkund is an annual fest that takes place in Faridabad Haryana . It is one the most popular and largest fairs in the world . Both National and international skilled craftsmen take part to showcase their talent .In 1987 the first surajkundmela was organised and became one of the most popular tourists site of haryana.This year it was organised for 17 days i.e. 2 nd to 18 th feb. We visited on 8 th February to experience the fair. we also interacted with some of the craftsmen and got to know about crafts traditions. We as Visual students got to know about various craft traditions from around the world and how can we include those crafts in our contemporary art practices.

24 Nov 2017

On the 2 nd day we started our day from Delhi College of Art Tilak Marg New Delhi where we visited their studios and we got to know what surroundings the student’s work in and how the student utilise the place they have been provided by making installations public art etc. After that we visited Triveni Kala Sangam where we witnessed how K.G.Subramanyan works with diverse media and materials. He does not use icons as mythical characters or figures and most of his mural works are not decorative unlike other murals in India. Then we were in India Habitat Centre which is a multipurpose building in New Delhi where we saw different artists adopting different media commercially in the social space they were provided. Then for a short break we went to New Friends Colony and after our lunch we visited Gallery Escape where Samit Das works were displayed. We observed that the artist creates multiple layers and remarkable forms using urban architecture as his point of reference. He also interesting textures in his works some tactile while others are only visual. Then we winded up our day at NIV which is situated in Southern Outer edge of New Delhi where we got to know that it is an organisation which is focused on facilitating the fundamental necessities for advancement of cultural art practice.

1 Nov 2017

On our first visit we went to Sudhir Patwardhan show at Vadehra Art Gallery Defence Colony New Delhi. His work was based on the city-scapes and reflects the lifestyle of urban middle class and drew their immediacy from the memories of the city. The works that we adored the most were his self –portraits and the paintings in which he showed his day-to- day life. After that we headed towards Saba Hasan show at Alliance Franciase Lodhi Estate, New Delhi . There we saw that she experiments with different kinds of mediums such as charcoal wax abstract photographs voice and video works. Her work reveals the forces of time, nature and personal histories in a vigorous expression. We even had a talk with her about her experiences with each medium she works with. Then we ended our day in Lalit Kala Academy where we saw interesting sculptures made from different food items and portraits on ceramic plates with acrylic and abstract photographs. So through this visit we got to know it is an autonomous organisation established by government of India to promote and propagate understanding of Indian art in and outside the nation.

18 Dec 2017

Concrete is one of the most f lexible and dynamic building materials in today World By Offering a profoundly different building etchnique to architects it has significantly altered the way in which buildings are designed and constructed in the modern age . To Adequately appreciate concrete and its significance in modern architecture students were introduced with concrete as a building material. Through an exploration workshop and an industry visit students were taken to Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Metro Plant Karkarduma and testing laboratory to understand the production and testing of concrete.

14 Oct 2017

Wood is a common material used in our built structures. Wood has distinct characteristics and structural qualities. Students witnessed the transformation of a wooden log to a finished door at DS Doors factory in Badarpur. Importance of seasoning and the precision of joinery work was explained through this study trip.Bricks were introduced to the students. Theory and practical sessions were conducted using miniature bricks. After understanding the nature of the brick and its various bonds, the students explored forms using real bricks. The results were prolific.

11 Aug 2017

A study grant was awarded to Wspa by intach to study the town of Dhubela in MP for Heritage and Development Potential Which Can be implemented by MP Government. Under the study WSPA has prepared a report that includes a) Proposals for Tourism Development and Heritage Conservation and b) A plan for visitor management with sensitivity to Heritage Resources and Community. A team of 10 students of World School of Planning and Architecture WUD and three faculty members undertook the study. This project was of core interest to WSPA as it goes hand in hand with it is philosophy.

8 Apr 2017

Mehrauli was originally known as Mihirawali that menas The Home of Mihir It was founded and named after the King Mihir Bhoja of the Gujara Pratihara dynasty and is situated in the outskirts of Delhi. Mehrauli is a neighborhood in the South West district of Delhi in India. To its North lies Hauz Khas Vasant Kunj lies to its West and Tuglakabad to its South. Mehrauli is one of the seven ancient cities that make up the present state of Delhi. The students visited Mehrauli to study its urban village where tradition and modernity coexists. The inferences drawn by the students brought forth various layers of the complex fabric of the place. Students with the help of Nollis Plans derived the solid void composition of Mehrauli which has resulted in surviving of an ancient city. They even came to know how urbanization is destroying our Heritage. The study also included understanding of various styles of Stone masonry in the monuments.

5 Feb 2018

Rewalsar is a small town nestled in suthern himalayan valley region which line in mandi district of himachal pradesh. the settlement surrounds aholy lake with temples a Gurudwara and various busshist manasteries Spread over the town the objective of the study was the understand the developement of urban fabric around the lake over the last decade.

6 Apr 2018

Chandari is Situated In the state of madhya Pradesh and is Popularly Known for its sarees. The whole Settlement in fact is woven around the act of making a saree. it is the loom that is the most essential furniture of any household.the antiquity of the handloom industry in chanderi goes as far as back as the 14th century and in the beginning this exceptional fabric could only be afforded by the royalty and very rich.

5 Apr 2017

Mcleodganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra District of himachal Pradesh is Known as little Lhasa Because of its large Population of Tibetans. it is just 6km away from Dharamshala Which is recently declared as the second capital of indian state of himachal pradesh.Study

10 May 2017

Ar. Amit Sharma is a well known practitioner in delhi.he is bachelors in Architecture from tvb School of Habitat studies and masters in product design from spa delhi.he is a founder of Axiom india a firm Based in South delhi.focuses on diverse and Innovative design solution enhancing the experience of details.He Introduced the student of the concept

10 May 2018

Prof. Iftikhar-mulk Chishti is a well known architect and an educator. Himself a graduate of School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, Prof. Chisti is also the founder and former Head of the Masters Programme in Industrial Design at SPA, Delhi. Besides his architectural practice he is well known as the convener of the public platform - Design X Design - an initiative of Alliance Francaise de Delhi and his StudioiF.

9 Nov 2017

National Design Guru Day is celebrated in remembrance of Prof. M P Ranjan on 9th November, his birth date, by honoring senior educators in the creative domain who have dedicated a major part of life to the field and are leaving a legacy for new age educators. Design Guru Prof. Ranjan was the most popular Design educator in India. Born in Madras in 1950, Ranjan grew up observing furniture designed and produced in his father’s factory. His interest in design was nurturedat National Institute of Design (NID) and it became a passion for him as he got involved in design education. He had worked with various materials and techniques in his 40 years of design education practice and developed various products and has written books and articles on design development.

27 Oct 2017

joseph allen stein was an american architect who practiced in india from 1952 till 2001, and who is known for his iconic buildings, primarily in lodi estate - the iic, the ihs, wwf and unicef buildings, lalit kala academy, australian high commission, american school and many more. he was awarded padamshri for his contribution to indian architecture. on his 15th death anniversary, wspa planned the event "remembering joseph allen stein" which included screening of a film on him followed by a panel discussion with eminent architects who had been his apprentices and prominent users of his buildings. the event took place at gulmohar hall, india habitat centre on 27th october 2016.

21 Feb 2018
9 Feb 2018

Over 220 abstracts have been received from over 90 institutions worldwide. International participation includes 51 papers from 33 universities from 22 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Germany and a host of European nations. Over 50 Indian Universities and Institutions have contributed. The innovation contest has already received 25 entries and the call is still open.

30 Dec 2017

Open house and campus tours give you the chance to see and meet us first hand. They are designed to help you decide if WUD is the place for you.


Event Type


December 30th (Saturday)

Open House for Design/ Art/ Architecture & Design Management Aspirants

10:30 am – 4:00 pm

A typical open house event includes: 

  • Exhibition of students work;
  • Interactions with deans & faculty members;
  • Opportunities to talk with current students;
  • Campus tour;
  • Understand admission process & scholarships schemes;
  • Career guidance for design/ art/ architecture & design management aspirants 

Feel free to bring your portfolio for review from senior faculties

To Register for Open House
T: 7056770065

30 Nov 2017

Prof. IM Chishti at WUD, taking the Design in Nature Workshop for Architecture and Design students.

9 Nov 2017

The National Design Guru Day is instituted in the memory of Prof. Ranjan of NID on his birth anniversary i.e. 9th November. This year World University of Design honored the architecture Guru - Prof. AGK Menon.
A G Krishna Menon is an architect, urban planner and conservation consultant practicing in Delhi for over 40 years. He is actively engaged in research and his contributions have been extensively published in professional journals and several academic books. He has also been actively involved in urban conservation and in 2004 drafted the INTACH Charter for the Conservation of Unprotected Architectural Heritage and Sites in India. He is currently the Convener of the Delhi chapter of INTACH. He was the first Dean of Studies at the TVB School of Habitat Studies and later its Director till the School was merged with the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University to become the University School of Architecture and Planning in 2007.

9 Nov 2017

WUD uses project-based learning as a major pedagogical tool. Students of World University of Design underwent an extensive 2-week design thinking workshop on Air Quality Solutions by MARK WATSON, the Industrial Designer & Design Thinker from Australia. Look out for solutions Delhi!

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