Creative Painting

Creative Painting (4-Year BVA)

This course is designed to help students to understand the nature of creativity by letting go of stale habits and conditioning that prevent one from making contact with the natural flow of creative energy. Both inner and outer worlds and their relationship to colour will be explored during the course, through painting from a life model as well as from imagination.

Painting and Drawing fuses traditional expertise and technique with cutting-edge contemporary approaches to art making. In this program, you can study virtually every approach to painting and drawing, from traditional oil painting to graphic novel production and 3D spatial installation. Your technical, formal and conceptual skills will be developed through focused studio production and instruction in theory, art history and cultural studies. Drawing incorporates a wide array of materials and explores body, gestures, mark making, the construction of visual space, as well as symbols and storytelling. In Painting classes, you will explore colour through paint application, tools and techniques along with the formal language of painting and its use in abstract, figurative and hybrid/expanded modes.

As active professional artists, our faculty brings insight into the exciting and complex world of art. You will gain the ability to think creatively and critically and to materialize your ideas in visual form. These skills sets, along with the development of visual literacy and expertise, can be applied to multiple professions in the visual arts. Our aim is for you to leave the program with an understanding of your own intentions and visual language, strategies for sustaining an artistic practice, critical thinking skills, an understanding of historical context and an understanding of contemporary possibilities of painting and drawing.

Careers: Your degree can lead to many paths such as - Practicing artist, Gallery or museum curator, Commercial artist, Graphic designer/ novelist, Medical illustrator, Arts administrator, Exhibition designer, Graduate studies in visual art.

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