Fashion Design (4-Year B.Des, 2-Year M.Des)

These flagship programs at WUD prepare students for success at every level, from haute couture to ready-to-wear to mass market. By the end of this course the students will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to respond creatively to a design brief within the fashion industry. WUD’s own brand of fashion education nurtures creativity while providing a rigorous grounding in the practical and technical skills exposing one to the real demands and practices of the fashion world.

You'll learn the fundamentals of professional draping, patternmaking, and sewing techniques. You'll master computer-aided design (CAD), and learn how to take a design from concept to finished garment. The course teaches important research methods, how to produce initial design ideas, and how to develop designs through to a finished 3D prototype and do a catwalk presentation. This singular program guides you to become not only a designer with your own creative vision, but a professional prepared to take your place in this challenging industry.

Faculty members are seasoned professionals with current experience, opening doors to the industry. Top designers serve as critics, helping students create an original outfit. Internship at leading fashion house gives you experience and valuable connections. Portfolio development, Work placement and opportunity for international exchange with partner institutions give the extra edge.

Careers: Students develop excellent employability skills, working with their choice of company during their Work Placement and going on to set up their own brands or work for exciting new designers and established brands upon graduating. With high level design and technical skills as well as a deep level of understanding of Cultural and Historical Studies students are well prepared for higher studies, take up high level jobs in the industry, or work as designers with their own label.

B.Des (Fashion Design) Curriculum

M.Des (Fashion Design) Curriculum

Fashion Communication (4-Year B.Des)

With explosion of fashion media over the last decade, the opportunities in fashion are no longer limited to the role of designers. The fashion industry now requires professionals producing quality content in the form of word and image. This unique and exciting course teaches the intellectual, practical and professional skills you need to succeed in a career in promotion & communication for the global fashion industry.

You have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of research, experimentation and realization, as well as new practices and innovations within fashion promotion, communication and image generation. Key study topics include Introduction to fashion, styling and photography; design, visual and popular culture; fashion imaging and marketing; research, analysis and interpretation; forecasting, advertising, marketing and PR; styling and photography as narrative; portfolio, self-promotion and career planning; visual and critical analysis. All subjects will be taught in consideration of the critical and cultural context

Students will have access to studio space, digital photographic equipment and photographic studios, Adobe Creative Cloud and other industrial software.

Careers: Graduates will work across a wide spectrum of careers in Fashion Communication, working as writers, journalists, editors, stylists, photographers, art directors, set-designers, fashion show producers, illustrators, curators, archivists, researchers, and retailers.

B.Des (Fashion Communication) Curriculum

FASHION DESIGN (1-Year Diploma)

The programme is aimed at working professional and candidates from other streams aspiring to enter Fashion Industry. The intensive programme will focus on interactive learning, integrating theoretical knowledge with essential skills required for practicing fashion design. Students will be introduced to Fashion Illustration, Fashion Studies, Elements of Textiles, Fashion Designing, Pattern Development, Garment Construction, Traditional Indian Textiles, Marketing& Merchandising etc.

Careers:The programme prepares the candidates to get absorbed in the industry in the areas of Sampling, Designing, Embroidery, Production Coordination Designers, Freelance Design Consultants, Stylists, Forecasting and Fashion Trends Forum Organisers, Costume Designers, Illustrators and Entrepreneurs and free lancers.

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