Design Thinking & Artificial Intelligence

Design Thinking & Artificial Intelligence (6-Month PG Certificate Program) A

This program will help demystify AI, strengthen your analytical skills and equip you to identify potential artificial intelligence applications, develop and deploy AI solutions to business problems. The design thinking process enables you to understand the potential of interdisciplinary collaboration & co-creation of solutions to complex business issues. This is a hands-on experiential program taught by experts from both academia and industry.

Who Will Benefit

  • College Students and Recent Graduates: Prepare for your next opportunity by learning how to apply AI & Design Thinking to real business problems.
  • Mid-Career Professionals: Gain AI literacy and hands-on practice on the disruptive design thinking skill.
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Executives: Acquire skills to deal better with the incoming disruption.

Career Opportunities

Almost every industry today relies on technology and innovation to operate and thrive, which is why artificial intelligence (AI) and design thinking (DT) skills are becoming more and more integral to helping businesses make smarter and faster decisions and products. These skills are not sector specific and are applicable to a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, IT, travel, retail, education, and even oil and gas. This course is aimed at developing future leaders and managers in such organizations on a variety of roles ranging from specialists to researchers & managers.

A Approval from Govt. of Haryana is awaited.

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