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About the Project

DESINNO project seeks to provide an infrastructure for the development of design education by the establishment of three Design & Innovation Centres in Indian Universities and through a systematic collaboration of academia with industry. These centres will facilitate the development of improved design courses that will encompass product and service design by following state of the art methodologies in design thinking, sustainability, design research, social innovation, ethical issues in design, etc.
More specifically, through the establishment of the new centres, DESINNO project will contribute:

(a) to the development of innovative and permanent methods for Research and Design approaches,
(b) to the establishment of cross-sectoral projects for collaboration and co-learning,
(c) to the establishment of Inter-industry projects to facilitate the inclusion of design thinking approaches,
(d) to the development of extreme affordability principles for the benefit of the developing nations while taking care of the accessibility and sustainability aspects of design,
(e) to the development of community-based programs enabling designers, craftsmen and artisans,
(f) to the modernization and internationalization of Indian HEIs by the improvement of design courses.

The project aims at creating and maintaining a link between universities and industrial businesses that will foster innovation and the manufacturing of high value quality products, as well as further cooperation between EU and Indian universities and businesses.
DESINNO also seeks to encourage the Indian government to favour the establishment of more Design & Innovation centres within universities and to promote research and Product Design projects between EU and India, by creating a research innovation and training network, which will continue to operate and after the end of the current project.
Through the successful implementation of the above objectives design education in India will evolve to the next level and will meet the expectations of all stakeholders (educators, learners, industry).

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice – Chancellor, WUD attended the CLUSTER MEETING with the Indian HEIs & Organisation

Rajat Verma from WUD and Prof. Pushpendra Singh from IIITD attended the CBHE Grant Holder’s Meeting

Kick-off meeting held at Athens, Greece

1 st Capacity Building Session held at Brunel University, London, UK

2 nd International Management Meeting held at RIMT University, Punjab, India

3 rd International Management Meeting held at Brunel University, London, UK

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