M.Arch (Digital Architecture)

M.Arch - Digital Architecture (2 Year) A

With countless significant and relevant applications, digital technology has proven to be an inevitable part of our daily lives and existing systems of design. Digital technology is revolutionizing the practice of architecture and the demand for an interface between architecture and technology is fast taking the center stage. Digital Architecture is now a field of archi-neering that utilizes digital media in the process of design, representation and accurate execution.

Master’s in digital architecture will help professionals in acquiring expertise in design, simulation and creation offunctional details. The core focus of the programme is to impart state-of-the-art digital skills, support collaborative innovationand imply future relevance by reimagining architectural design and representation. This course will cover various digital software tools and its design processes (parametric and generative), architectural visualization, advanced construction, and building automation, integrating AR/VR and Architecture, Parametric Software skill sets, Digital fabrication and material research, Digital Design, Robotic interface and interactive architecture Design Tools, Artificial Intelligence etc.

A Approval from CoA & Govt. of Haryana is awaited.

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