M.Arch (Sustainable Architecture)

M.Arch - Sustainable Architecture (2 Year) A

Our existence is synonymous with the environment we live in. Climate change, pollution, and over-populated cities have become major issues across the globe. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, and the buildings we live in—sustainability is the new watch word.Architectural sustainability is at the center of this trend. From single homes to entire cities, we're constantly looking for ways to reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and minimize environmental impact.There is a big movement to retrofit and renovate existing buildings to be more eco-friendly and to lower heating and cooling costs and reduce waste.We see sustainable architecture practices in big commercial buildings. Some of the most famous green buildings in the world are large-scale institutional and cultural projects.

The masters in sustainable architectureaims at adding a dedicated skill set that focuses upon green building, it's certifications, climate responsive design simulation processes, and buildings science.It gives you the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to stay up to date on sustainable building design strategies; complements your knowledge of building design, technology and construction with a range of design strategies such as sustainable site development, managing material resources, and conservation of energy and water. The course will help prepare you for GRIHA and/or LEED certifications. Graduates will be able to seek employment opportunities in, both, private and public sectors; and in a variety of roles – including, but not limited to, project designer and architect, architectural service management, transit architect and interior designer – at architectural firms, consulting firms, engineering firms, educational services, and building, developing and general contracting.

A Approval from CoA & Govt. of Haryana is awaited.

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