WITHOUT BORDERS! An International Art Competition

School of Visual Arts, WUD invites artists worldwide to participate in the International Art Competition cum Exhibition named “Without Borders!”

Without Borders!

This is a unique art competition that does not judge artwork based on skill or technique. Instead, submissions are judged solely on the interpretation and depth of the subject matter.

Without Borders stand for creative endeavours and the belief that crosses borders; Use of any combination of materials, coloration, juxtaposed materials or visuals, or illumination for concealment. It can be interpreted in the context of how we deal with conflict, new-normal, distancing, hiding consciously / unconsciously in unexpected scenarios.

There are four different categories for submissions: Drawing & Painting, Sculpture and Installation, Performance Art, and Printmaking

International Deadline: September 20, 2020

Selected artists will be part of the Digital Catalogue cum Exhibition. Further, the exhibition is divided into 4 categories. Each category will have three awards; awarded artists will be felicitated with a certificate from the World University of Design.

Competition Categories:

1) Drawing and Painting
2) Sculpture and Installation
3) Performance Art
4) Printmaking


1) Open to all the Nationalities.
2) One artist can apply for one section only with one Artwork.
3) There is no theme, but the Artwork must be created in or after Jan 2019.
4) “Untitled” work will not be accepted for the competition.
5) Age restriction:18 to 40 years.

How to Apply:

1) The artwork may be submitted in the following format:
a) High-resolution image for Drawing/ Painting/ Printmaking & Sculpture categories
b) The installation category needs to send two images from two different angles.
c) Performance Art category, send one high-quality photograph, along with a video link from YouTube, Vimeo, blog, website, etc. The video should not be more than 5 min in duration.
2) A single-page PDF document containing the following compulsory information - NAME, DOB, EMAIL, COUNTRY, SHORT BIO (not more than 150 words), and WEBSITE LINK / PRINT RECOGNITION.
3) A Small Description of the artwork (150 WORDS), along with the work title, medium, size, year, etc.
4) Profile photo of the artist
5) Complete these four sections and send us atair@wud.ac.inwith the subject heading “Category¬ _your name _Country”.

Example “Painting _Ven Gogh_ India”

As part of this activity, the organization would facilitate:

1) Artist promotion.
2) Building up a network with national and international collaboration.
3) A digital Catalogue will be published.
4) Each category will have three awards in every section, all awarded artist will be felicitated with a certificate from World University of Design in an online event
5) Each category will be judge by a panel of Professional & Renowned Artists.
6) Artists shortlisted for the exhibition will be provided a certificate of participation.

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