Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication (4-Year B.Des)

With explosion of fashion media over the last decade, the opportunities in fashion are no longer limited to the role of designers. The fashion industry now requires professionals producing quality content in the form of word and image. This unique and exciting course teaches the intellectual, practical and professional skills you need to succeed in a career in promotion & communication for the global fashion industry.

You have the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of research, experimentation and realization, as well as new practices and innovations within fashion promotion, communication and image generation. Key study topics include Introduction to fashion, styling and photography; design, visual and popular culture; fashion imaging and marketing; research, analysis and interpretation; forecasting, advertising, marketing and PR; styling and photography as narrative; portfolio, self-promotion and career planning; visual and critical analysis. All subjects will be taught in consideration of the critical and cultural context

Students will have access to studio space, digital photographic equipment and photographic studios, Adobe Creative Cloud and other industrial software.

Careers: Graduates will work across a wide spectrum of careers in Fashion Communication, working as writers, journalists, editors, stylists, photographers, art directors, set-designers, fashion show producers, illustrators, curators, archivists, researchers, and retailers.

B.Des (Fashion Communication) Curriculum

Fashion Communication Studio 1 (Introduction + Fashion Illustration) Fashion Communication Studio 2 (New Perspective + Fashion Illustration) Fashion Styling & Photography (Creative Collaborations)      
Fashion Lab 1 (P.M., G.C. & Draping) Fashion Lab 2 ( P.M., G.C. & Draping)        
Digital Fashion 1 (Introduction /Fashion Photography) Digital Fashion 2 (Social Media/Online Marketing) Digital Fashion 3 (New Media)      
Cultural Histories, Theories & Practice (Fashion)          
Non Core
Computer Application 1 (Photoshop Basic) Computer Application 2 (Illustrator & Indesign) Computer Application 3 (Graphics & Branding) Computer Application 4 (CAD) Portfolio Development  
      Branding & PR  Business of Luxury  
Elements of Textiles  Professional Perspective, Practice and Preperation (Brand Positioning) Visual Merchandising Intellectual Property Rights  Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management     
History of Fashion 1 (Indian) History of Fashion 2 (Western) History of Fashion 3 (Art, Design & Fashion) History of Fashion 4 (21st Century)    
Fashion Studies Traditional Indian Textiles        
Work Experience & Professional Studies
Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective  
  Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective Common Elective  
Industry Ready
    Social & Culture Documentation (Dissertation Research) Dissertation (Cultural Studies) Industry Internship Degree Project (Resolution & Presentation)
        Degree Project (Research & Development)  

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