Fashion Business management

Fashion Business management (BBA)

The fashion industry is more diverse than ever and has an array of career paths ranging from strategic to creative, financial and even entrepreneurial. The industry is not limited to models, designers and events, it also needs Managers to take responsibilities, coordinate events, take care of marketing etc. By gaining insight on all facets of the fashion business, from trend prediction and analysis to retailing and marketing; and also getting inputs in event management, HR, product management, brand management and customer service management our graduates can become among the future pioneers shaping the fashion world and catering to the evolving needs of the global fashion consumer.

The course focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration and the integration of design thinking at all levels of Strategy, Planning and Implementation. The students will have unprecedented access to collaborative partnerships throughout their course as they will have had exposure in working closely with students from our fashion design & fashion communication course.

The BBA Fashion Business Management acts as a catalyst to build and develop further relationships with the industry globally to enhance learning and teaching though innovative projects and internships. Students will engage with digital technologies from the outset and will have the opportunity to build their skills throughout the course. The course will offer opportunities for global experience though International study abroad programs.

Students will be able to tap into the broad range of available career options (including buying, merchandising, marketing, branding, PR, Publishing & Creative Direction, and launching their own businesses (e-business or brick-n-mortar) and will be encouraged to exhibit their own, diverse interests in the work they produce. They can also be the one identifying and creating the demand for products created by fashion designers. Areas of employment include fashion entrepreneur, design director, fashion consultant, fashion forecaster, fashion merchandiser/buyer etc

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