Retail Business Management

Retail Business Management (3-Year BBA)

This program opens up a completely new world of ‘Career Possibilities’ as compared to a traditional BBA or MBA program. Besides usual management roles, WUD graduates will be able to find important roles in Innovation management, new ventures, venture capital, private equity, management consulting, strategic planning, product planning, product marketing, product development and other exciting areas of work. Graduates will be highly valued by employers in technology-related or consumer products industries. Students will be ready to take on the roles of team managers, project managers, and functional managers and will be on the fast track to become general managers, vice presidents or CEOs.

This program enables improvising and up gradation and also the program is aligned to the typical needs of the current & future Indian retail scenario and brand spaces, as also to emerging retail spaces like exhibitions, events, museums etc. The course provides students with the knowledge, insight and skills needed to follow a successful management career in the retail or wholesale fields. The variety of retail and wholesale business is virtually unlimited and includes departmental stores, hyper marts, shopping centers, specialty stores, general dealers, chain stores, supermarkets, factory stores, boutiques, brand stores and restaurants. This qualification will form a strong base for further specializations.

The retail industry offers national and international career opportunities for the graduate. Graduates can choose from a wide variety of Strategic level positions, e.g. as a trainee manager or a position in buying, stock control, merchandising, sales, administration, logistics, housekeeping or the finance section of a retail business. Graduates who want to start their own businesses will benefit from the entrepreneurship component of this course.

Retail Business Management (BBA) Curriculum





Core Specialization

Design Principles

Strategy & Innovation

Start up and new venture Management

Innovation Management

Principles of Marketing

Human Centred Design

Systems Design

Merchandise Management

Design Strategy & Management

Design Research Methodolgies

Design Audit

Design Business Creation

Capstone I

Business Design

Self - Project / Internship

Non - Core

Accounting for Business Decisions

Operations & supply chain management

Business, Government & Society

Business Planning

Management Fundamentals

User Experience Design

Business Informatics & Systems


Capstone II

Capstone III


Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Common Elective

Industry Ready

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

Industry visit

Industry visit

Industry visit

Industry visit

Student Testimonials