Dance & Music

Dance & Music (4-year BPA, 2-year MPA)

Dance & Music are areas of Arts and Humanities that deals with human life and human experience qualitatively. Music, dance, and other kinds of performances are present in all human cultures. The history of music and dance dates back to prehistoric times. In India, religion, philosophy and myth cannot be divorced from their art forms. Dance and music are tied inextricably to ceremony of any kind. Bharatnatyam, Kathakali, Kathak, Manipuri, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Sattriya, Mohiniyattam are some of the classical Dance forms of India. Similarly, the classical music forms of India are Hindustani Classical Music and Carnatic Classical Music, in addition, there are hundreds of regional music forms and there are many musical instruments to compose and play music. They all adhere to the canons of classical dance laid down in the Natya Shastra, a second century C.E. text ascribed to the sage Bharata, to whom it was supposedly revealed by the Creator, Brahma. New contemporary forms are emerging by the day.

Performing arts in India and its practitioners are considered to be a part of the entertainment industry. The performing arts industry in India reached INR275 billion in 2018. The industry is primarily be driven by new and innovative forms of fund raising by theater and dance groups and a growing demand for Indian culture at an international level. At present more than 400 million youth are below 18 years of age and they have varied aspirations. A significant number of them would like to work in entertainment industry. In this context, an undergraduate University Program offered by WUD in Performing Arts is relevant to meet the future human resources requirement of Entertainment Industry.

The masters programs are either practice based or academic, combining practical work with analysis. This Curriculum includes subjects like Theoretical Surveys, Stage Performance, Appreciation Seminars, Comparative studies which helps one develop as an artist and further the personal career goals.

Careers: The aim of the programme is to create graduates with critical, analytical and research abilities to work in the media and entrainment sector performing as Dancers/Musicians; Working as creative directors, choreographers, producers of art and entertainment programmes; and working as managers, academicians, administrator or entrepreneurs with strong ethics and communication skills. The employment opportunity areas are wide such as Film Industry, Classical Dance Centers, Music & Dance Firms, and event Management Agencies.

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